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About our law firm

     Herbert Chestnut & Associates welcomes you to the Defense Base Act Blog.  Our firm is located in Marietta, Georgia but handles Defense Base Act cases from the Honolulu District Office to the New York District Office.  Our goal is to provide helpful information to contractors injured overseas.  We would also invite you to visit our website for additional information on the Defense Base Act

     Mr. Chestnut has been practicing law for 26 years.  His legal career began in the port city of Savannah where he developed a successful Longshore and Harbor Workers Act [LHWCA} practice.  After moving to Marietta in 1996, he began handling cases arising out of extensions to the LHWCA such as DBA cases and Non Appropriated Fund claims.  Mr. Chestnut is joined in the firm by Aaron Walter, a young lawyer who has already enjoyed substantial sucess in DBA cases.

     Our firm is dedicated to representing individuals, not corporations.  We hope that you find the information here and on our website useful.  We also hope that if there is anything we can do for you regarding your claim or one of a loved one, you will not hesitate to contact us.  We provide free telephone consultations.  The toll free number is listed on our site.  “We hope that by putting this information out there, DBA claimants will be better informed so that they will not be taken advantage of.”  Mr. Chestnut stated.  “These are complicated cases; I would urge every claimant, whether they hire us or not, to call and discuss their case.” 

     Again, thank you for visiting our blog – we hope to hear from you.


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