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AIG may have overcharged KBR and other contractors for Defense Base Act Coverage February 29, 2008

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This comes as no surprise to many, but AIG may have been lining its pockets at the expense U.S. taxpayers. AIG is currently under investigation for overcharging KBR Inc., the Army’s largest contractor in Iraq, possibly by tens of millions. The money paying for these overpriced premiums comes from tax payers as part of the $23+ Billion contract KBR has with the Department of Defense.  AIG actually gets to charge the American tax payer twice, because your tax dollars not only pay the premiems, but also reimburse AIG for what it pays out on the 15,000+ Defense Base Act claims filed with AIG since 2003.

In case you missed this story, read more about it below in an article from Bloomberg.com by Tony Capaccio:   


In outsourced U.S. wars, contractor deaths top 1,000 February 29, 2008

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In outsourced U.S. wars, contractor deaths top 1,000

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The death toll for private contractors in the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has topped 1,000, a stark reminder of the risks run by civilians working with the military in roles previously held by soldiers.

A further 13,000 contractors have been wounded in the two separate wars led by the United States against enemies who share fundamentalist Islamic beliefs and the hit-and-run tactics that drain conventional armies.

The casualty toll is based on figures the U.S. Department of Labor provided to Reuters in response to a request under the Freedom of Information Act and on locally gathered data.

The department said it had recorded 990 deaths – 917 in Iraq and 73 in Afghanistan – by the end of March. Since then, according to incident logs tallied by Reuters in Baghdad and Kabul, at least 16 contractors have died in Iraq and two in Afghanistan.



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